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"The art of cinema has been called 'photogénie' by Louis Delluc. The word is apt, and should be preserved.  What is photogénie? I would describe as photogenic any aspect of things, beings, or souls whose moral character is enhanced by filmic reproduction."

-Jean Epstein, "On Certain Characteristics of Photogénie"


Based out of San Francisco Bay Area, we are a team of filmmakers dedicated to amplifying the voices of those often left unheard through film and media.  

We work at every level of production to bring stories to life.  Our production company is ready to take on any project, at any scale, at any cost. Whether it be short or long form documentaries, mediation videos, promotional materials, or live events, we can make it happen. 



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We have all the equipment required to make any project top of the line. Our cameras shoot 4K, super slow-motion. and RAW.  Rental packages are fully decked out with all the necessary nuts and bolts for a professional shoot.  Our audio solutions include professional shotgun microphones and wireless systems.  All gear is available to rent at affordable prices.

All our equipment is listed below: 

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Skylar Economy

Skylar recently received her B.A. in Film and Media Studies at UC Berkeley in May of 2016. As a student at UC Berkeley, she served as Co-Executive Director of CalTV, Cal’s premiere student-run TV channel; and as a founder and leader of several film and media organizations at UC Berkeley. As an intern at CNN for the two summers during undergrad, Skylar worked on over 20 documentaries that have aired. She also served as a film program coordinator and mentor to high school students in Bosnia for the Mediterranean Film Festival, and taught photography to young women in Syrian refugee camps in Jordan. Skylar started working with formerly incarcerated students in April 2015, and produced and directed a short documentary titled Free Scholars in June 2015 that is being shown in youth detention centers and organizations across the country to encourage incarcerated individuals to consider enrolling in college.

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Christian LEe Collins

Christian Collins - Christian Collins graduated with a degree in Film and Media Studies and Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley in Fall 2015. During his time at Cal, he served as the Director of Cinematography for CalTV, and as a videographer for the campus publication The Daily Cal. He previously worked for UC Berkeley’s Media Relations department in which he helped produce short videos and assisted with the logistics of shoots for outside media publications. After graduation, Christian was a freelance videographer and camera operator for a documentary filmmaker, Ondi Timoner at Interloper Films. He recently spent the Fall of 2016 as a Camera Technician, Media Manager, and Camera Operator on Ondi Timoner’s Viceland docu-series "JungleTown" in the Panamanian jungle

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PhotoGénie Films PResents


FROM Incarceration to education (FITE Film)

FITE Film follows the lives of formerly incarcerated students at UC Berkeley—showing viewers that there is a viable path to success after incarceration. This project will inspire, empower, and educate those currently incarcerated and emphasize the philosophy that one’s past does not determine his or her future. This film will be screened in prisons, jails, youth detention centers, and government events, along with a Q&A panel of formerly incarcerated students. In addition to the film, we are creating the Resource Connection—an array of advocacy groups, mentorship and re-entry organizations, legal clinics, and other organizations that help incarcerated individuals in that particular geographic area. FITE Film provides viewers with the tools they need to have in order to make a real impact. For the public at-large, we are producing a more in-depth feature documentary following the formerly incarcerated students, as well as the screenings and their impact. Learn more about this project at