Based out of San Francisco, LA, and New York City, we are a team of filmmakers dedicated to amplifying the voices of those often left unheard through film and media.

We work at every level of production to bring stories to life.  Our production company is ready to take on any project, at any scale, at any cost. Whether it be short or long form documentaries, scripted films, promotional materials, or live events, we can make it happen.




Skylar Economy graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.A. in Film and Media Studies, and since then has worked on a variety of film, photography, and journalism projects. She has worked with both grassroots organizations and large corporations as a Co-Founder and Director of Photogénie Films. Skylar has worked alongside award-winning filmmakers Lucy Walker, Charles Ferguson, Katy Grannan, and Byron Hurt on documentary films for Sundance, Netflix, and PBS. With CNN, she assisted on over 20 documentary films in New York City, San Francisco, and Atlanta. Skylar has also done film and journalism freelance work for Timeline, Apple, and Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). In addition to film, she has worked on the production and post-production of editorial photography shoots for publications such as The New York Times, The New Yorker, California Sunday Magazine, Smithsonian, and Document Journal. 

Learn more about Skylar here: skylareconomy.com


Christian Collins is a current graduate student at UC Berkeley School of Journalism (2020). He previously worked for UC Berkeley’s Media Relations department in which he helped produce short videos, and assisted with the logistics of shoots for outside media publications. After graduation, Christian spent Fall 2016 as a Camera Technician, Media Manager, and Camera Operator on Ondi Timoner’s Viceland docu-series “JungleTown” in the Panamanian jungle. Christian co-directed and produced From Incarceration to Education (FITE Film) an award winning documentary film about formerly incarcerated students at UC Berkeley.

Learn more about Christian here: christianleecollins.com