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FROM Incarceration to education (FITE Film)

FITE Film follows the lives of formerly incarcerated students at UC Berkeley—showing viewers that there is a viable path to success after incarceration. This project will inspire, empower, and educate those currently incarcerated and emphasize the philosophy that one’s past does not determine his or her future. This film will be screened in prisons, jails, youth detention centers, and government events, along with a Q&A panel of formerly incarcerated students. In addition to the film, we are creating the Resource Connection—an array of advocacy groups, mentorship and re-entry organizations, legal clinics, and other organizations that help incarcerated individuals in that particular geographic area. FITE Film provides viewers with the tools they need to have in order to make a real impact. For the public at-large, we are producing a more in-depth feature documentary following the formerly incarcerated students, as well as the screenings and their impact. Learn more about this project at